What We Do

Catalyst Advisors, LLC is business advisory and professional services consultancy founded on process based solutions and industry expertise.  

Today’s public sector organizations and commercial service providers face similar problems, everyone is striving to meet mission objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.  In the private sector, commercial service providers look to drive revenue, increase market share, open new markets and to reduce the cost of production.  In the public sector, government organizations look to meet an increasing demand on mission requirements while budget constraints tighten. 

Catalyst Advisors believes these challenges can be met, but it requires an objective examination of the strategy, processes, and execution of your business operations.  Catalyst can provide innovative solutions based on industry expertise and an integrated process that will help your organization succeed in meetings its goals.  Catalyst provides the following solutions and services:

Public Sector Solutions

•Strategic Planning                                      •Program/Project Management
•Organizational Assessments                    •Change Management
•Business Process Reengineering             •Lean Six Sigma
•Policies & Procedures                                •Feasibility Studies & Business Case Analysis
•Acquisition Support                                   •Privatization & Outsourcing
•Transformation                                          •Performance Measurement
•Financial Management                             •Professional Services/Staffing

Commercial Solutions

•Business Development                             •Networking
•Proposal Development                             •Account Planning
•Facilitation Services 

Civilian Federal Agencies Supported

•Department of Homeland Security       •Environmental Protection Agency
•Customs and Boarder Protection          •Office of Personnel Management
•US Coast Guard                                        •Department of Treasury
•Internal Revenue Service                        •US Patent and Trademark Office
•Department of Transportation               •Department of State
•Federal Aviation Administration           •General Service Administration
•Department of Energy                             •Public Building Service
•Department of Interior                            •Department of Agriculture
•Fish and Wildlife                                      •Forest Service
•Bureau of Reclamation                            •Department of Commerce
•National Parks Service                             •Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Department of Defense

•Defense Logistics Agency                        •Installation Management Command
•Defense Distribution Center                   •US Army Medical Command
•Department of Navy                                 •US Marine Corp
•Department of the Army                         •Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service

Registered NAICS
541611, 541612, 541611, 541690, 541990
Industry Group 874: Management and Public Relations Services
Product Service Code R:  – Professional Administrative and Management Support Services